The Best Years 16 years old

The Best Years is a Canadian teen drama series set in Boston, Massachusetts. The series was created by producer and writer of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Aaron Martin. The first season was shown on Global in Canada and The N in the United States. The second season was shown in the U.S. on The N and in Canada on E!, CanWest's secondary network.



Name Character
Alan van Sprang He was 35 , now 52 years old
Brandon Jay McLaren He was 24 , now 41 years old as Devon Sylver
Charity Shea She was 23 , now 39 years old as Samantha Best
Sherry Miller She was 51 , now 68 years old
Athena Karkanis She was 25 , now 42 years old as Dawn Vargaz
Lauren Collins She was 20 , now 37 years old
Chantelle Chung She was 15 , now 31 years old
Cassie Steele She was 17 , now 33 years old
Shauna MacDonald She was 36 , now 53 years old
Julie Khaner She was 49 , now 65 years old
Paul Popowich He was 34 , now 50 years old
Alanna Chisholm
Meredith Henderson She was 23 , now 40 years old
Jennifer Miller She was 46 , now 62 years old as Kathryn Klarner
Randal Edwards He was 25 , now 42 years old as Noah Jensen


Name Job title
Wendy Grean Production Producer
Grant Harvey Directing He was 41 , now 57 years old Director
Sturla Gunnarsson Directing He was 55 , now 72 years old Director
Don McBrearty Directing Director
Aaron Martin Writing Writer
The Best Years (16 years)


  • First Air Date: 2007-05-22
  • Runtime: [43,60,42] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 21