Mujer de Madera 19 years old

Mujer de Madera

Mujer de Madera is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa in 2004. One unusual feature of this telenovela is that the main character is played by different actresses before and after her stay in hospital due to a forest fire.


Gabriel Soto
Gabriel Soto

Carlos Gómez

Jaime Camil
Jaime Camil

César Linares Ruiz

Mayrín Villanueva
Mayrín Villanueva

Mariana Rodríguez

Claudio Báez
Claudio Báez

Benjamín Gómez

Julio Alemán
Julio Alemán

Don Aarón Santibáñez

Edith González
Edith González

Marissa Santibáñez Villalpando


Name Character
Gabriel Soto He was 29 , now 48 years old as Carlos Gómez
Jaime Camil He was 30 , now 49 years old as César Linares Ruiz
Mayrín Villanueva She was 33 , now 52 years old as Mariana Rodríguez
Claudio Báez He was 56 , 69 years old when he died as Benjamín Gómez
Julio Alemán He was 70 , 78 years old when he died as Don Aarón Santibáñez
Edith González She was 39 , 54 years old when she died as Marissa Santibáñez Villalpando
Carlos Bracho He was 66 , now 85 years old as Ramiro Linares
Frances Ondiviela She was 41 , now 61 years old as Georgina Barrenechea
Ludwika Paleta She was 25 , now 44 years old as Aída Santibáñez Villalpando
Adamari López She was 32 , now 52 years old as Lucrecia Santibáñez Villalpando
Jorge Poza He was 26 , now 45 years old as Rogelio Rebollar
María Sorté She was 48 , now 68 years old as Celia Gómez de Santibáñez
Roberto Blandon He was 43 , now 62 years old as Marco Antônio Yañez


Name Job title
Edgar Arreola Production Location Manager
Salvador Garcini Directing Director
Omar Ayala Crew Stunts
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Mujer de Madera (19 years)


  • First Air Date: 2004-04-26
  • Runtime: [45] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 205