Yale School of Medicine

People from Yale School of Medicine


Name Title
Debra Haffner
Lisa Sanders American physician
Robert Klitzman American psychiatrist and bioethicist
Howard Koh American physician
Florence Comite American endocrinologist
Kenneth Colby American psychiatrist
David Johnson (swimmer) American swimmer Olympic gold medalist physician
William Orville Ayres American zoologist
Brian Kobilka Medical scientist
Albert J. Levis American psychiatrist
Samuel M. Hammond American football coach physician
Carlos Echandi Costa Rican politician
Nathan Ryno Smith American surgeon
Moses French Colby Canadian politician
William Alcott United States author
Ezequiel Uricoechea Colombian filologist humanist and scientist
William W. Welch American politician
Caroline August Chandler American physician
Charles F. Stevens American neurobiologist
Daniel X. Freedman American psychiatrist
Benjamin Spock Pediatrician
Leona Baumgartner American physician
Andy Oberlander American football player and coach
Vivek Murthy Doctor
William F. Penn American physician
Phineas Timothy Miller Founding member of Yale's Skull and Bones Society
Robert Aronowitz American physician
John S. Meyer Medical doctor researcher educator
Michael Simons
Kelsey Martin Actor
Jeremy Leven Novelist screenwriter director producer
Donald E. Ingber American biologist
John Christian Bailar American statistician
James T. Rosenbaum American physician academic
Jack Barchas American psychiatrist
Beatrix Hamburg American psychiatrist
George Aghajanian Professor
Donald J. Cohen Tourette syndrome and autism researcher
Sherwin B. Nuland American surgeon historian and medical school teacher
Edward Shanbrom American medical researcher and hematologist
Stanley Greenspan American psychiatrist
Seth Porter Ford Physician
Paul Talalay American biologist
John Knowlton Bartlett American physician
Edmund S. Crelin, Jr. American anatomist
Jay Webber Seaver American physician
Frederick William Lord American politician
Thomas William Ferguson American writer
James Gates Percival American geologist and poet
Thomas S. Savage American zoologist

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