Yale Law School

People from Yale Law School


Name Title
Bobby Shriver American journalist
Ronan Farrow American activist
Lisa Bloom Lawyer
James Howard Marshall II American Businessman
Daniel Kagan American politician
A. Joe Fish United States federal judge
David Yassky American politician
Bill Drayton
John Spratt American politician
Richard Primus American legal scholar
Peter Swire American academic
Mel Watt American politician
David Milch Screenwriter television producer
Johnnie Lewis Liberian judge
Bruce Morrison American politician
Jeff Ballabon American Lobbyist
John Yoo American attorney
Maxim Thorne American businessman
Bob Calhoun Member of the Senate of Virginia
Reed Hundt American businessman
Yul Kwon Reality television personality
John Spender Australian politician
Monica Márquez Colorado Supreme Court justice
Ian Ayres American lawyer and economist
Meade Alcorn American congressman in Connecticut
Washington F. Willcox American politician
Chris William Sanchirico Professor of Law Business and Public Policy
Albert Levitt Political crusader
Daniel C. Esty American politician
Nicholas Katzenbach American lawyer
Wilbur F. Booth United States federal judge
Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States (1993–2001)
David A. Martin American musician
Adam Yarmolinsky American actor
Alfred Wellington Carter Lawyer and judge in Hawaii managed the Parker Ranch
Alphonso Taft American diplomat
George Bermann American legal academic
Jerome F. Donovan American politician
Neal Pilson
D'Army Bailey American judge
Robert W. Sweet U.S. District Court judge of Southern New York District
Blair Levin
John R. Dunne American politician
William Treanor American lawyer
Alvin W. Thompson American judge
Evan H. Caminker American legal scholar
Victor H. Metcalf American politician
Jonathan Brewster Bingham American politician
William Acker United States federal judge
Leonard Strickman American legal scholar

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