Williams College

People from Williams College


Name Title
Chap Petersen American politician
R. A. Montgomery
Stu Kennedy American historian
Walker Stapleton American politician
Adam LeFevre American actor
Tao Ho Hong Kong architect
Erin Burnett Business news anchor reporter interviewer
Will Holt An American singer songwriter librettist and lyricist
Sydney Walsh Actress
Wendy Shalit American writer
Fiona Maazel American Writer
Jeff Hastings Ski jumper
David Markus
Muhammad Kenyatta American minister and activist
Andy Goodell American politician
George Weston Anderson American judge
Charles K. Williams American politician
Samuel I. Prime American writer
Bishop Perkins American politician
Jameel Jaffer attorney with American Civil Liberties Union
Meile Rockefeller Lawyer, Real-estate Developer, Heiress, Philanthropist
Brian O'Leary Astronomer
George Morell (Michigan jurist) American judge and politician
Jim Lobe American journalist
Richard Achilles Ballinger American politician
William Loeb III newspaper publisher
David A. Noble American politician
Boon Tuan Boon-Itt Thai Christian clergy
Bliss Perry
Hrach Gregorian
Chester Ashley American politician
Myles C. Fox United States Marine Corps Navy Cross recipient
William Richards (Hawaii) Missionary and politician in the Kingdom of Hawaii
Michael Beschloss Historian
Philip L. Fradkin historian
Horace Davis American politician
Stuart Sherman American literary critic
Jonathan Kraft American businessman
Bo Peabody American businessman
Norman Birnbaum American sociologist
Carl Marzani American spy
Samuel Augustus Bridges American politician
Howard F. Sachs American judge
William H. Maynard American politician
Bruce Beehler American ornithologist
William Ball Gilbert American politician
John Bray Boxer
William Ouchi American academic
Saxton Freymann American artist
Daniel Dewey American politician

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