University of Paris (1896-1968)

People from University of Paris (1896-1968)


Name Title
Joely Fisher American actress
Jean-Pierre Mignard politician
Jeanne Mas French singer
Hervé This French food scientist
Brice Hortefeux French politician
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Political Wife
Daniel Turp Canadian politician
Marcela Said Chilean Film Director
Abdullah Ensour Jordanian politician
Vera Wang American fashion designer
Frédéric Mitterrand French politician
Kenneth White Scottish writer
André Bureau
Jean-Marc Barr French actor
Filippo Addarii Executive director of Euclid Network
Ali Lmrabet Moroccan writer
Jean-Paul Delahaye French mathematician computer scientist
Andreas Wilson Swedish actor
Peter Turnley American photojournalist
Suzanne Doucet German singer
Cheick Modibo Diarra Prime minister of Mali since 17 April 2012
Ali Rafie Theatre cinema director and stage designer
Daniel Dayan
Pierre Gabriel French mathematician
Childeric Muller French Television Host
Nat Hentoff American historian and writer
Christine Delphy Sociologist
Charlotte Casiraghi Monaco royalty equestrian and journalist
Dimitri Rassam Film producer
Carole Bouquet Actress
Charles Pachter Canadian artist
Jean-Luc Godard French-Swiss filmmaker
Leo Battesti French chess player
Ana Nuño Venezuelan writer
Peter Duchin American pianist and band leader
Andrey Zaliznyak Russian linguist
Odo of Châteauroux Catholic cardinal
Karim Wade Senegalese politician
André Weil French mathematician
Abolhassan Najafi Iranian writer and translator
Li Jianwu Chinese writer and translator
Charles-Victor Langlois French historian and medievalist
André Weinfeld French film and television producer director screenwriter photographer journalist
Alenush Terian Iranian astronomer
Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen Romanian physicist
Alexandru Graur Romanian linguists
Susana Chou Macanese politician
Qubilah Shabazz Daughter of Malcolm X
Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas Greek artist
Vladimir Cristi Moldovan politician

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