University of Oklahoma

People from University of Oklahoma


Name Title
Kellie Coffey American musician
Samuel J. Montgomery American politician
David E. Rowe American mathematician
Jonathan Nelson Gospel Singer
Taylor Mokate American rugby union player
Troy Aikman All-American college football player professional football player quarterback
Frank G. White United States Army general
Ali Shilatifard American biochemist/molecular biologist
Lewis Salter American physicist
Helen Walton American politician
Trae Young Basketball Player
Sydney B. Nelson American politician
Brian Bingman American politician
Dan Boren American politician
George C. McGhee American diplomat
Christina Fallin Business Consultant
Samuel H. Cassidy American politician
Fernando Chui Macanese politician
Wayne Baughman American wrestler
Jim Culbreath American football player
Bob Bernstein
Carl Michael Smith American state cabinet secretary
William G. Stigler American politician
Scott Meacham American politician
Neil B. Ward American meteorologist
Charles A. Doswell III Meteorologist
Dean Wooldridge American aerospace engineer
Charles R. Nesbitt American Lawyer And Politician
Brooks Barnard Player of American football
Danny Hodge Olympic wrestling medallist professional wrestler and boxer
Jim Mankins Player of American and Canadian football
Wilburn Cartwright American politician
Will Rogers (Oklahoma politician) American politician
Archie W. Dunham American nonprofit chief executive
Lee Roy Selmon All-American college football player professional football player defensive end College Football Hall of Fame member
Aaron Kozak Playwright and Filmmaker
Lee Roy West United States federal judge
William Raggio American politician
Lotsee Patterson
David Purcey American baseball player
Walter Bowart
Leon Heath American football player
Robert Harlan Henry American politician
William C. Wantland Bishop of the Episcopal Church
Robert A. Gearheart
John Tree Military officer
Walter Jenny American activist
William Robert Wallace United States federal judge
Jerry Bridges
W. Howard Lester American businessman

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