Southern Methodist University

People from Southern Methodist University


Name Title
David Dillon American businessman
Chris Banjo American Football player
David Laney
Fernando del Valle American opera singer
Candice Patton American actor
Scott J. Jones American theologian
Alessio Bax Italian classical pianist
Vance Haynes American archaeologist
Lila Cockrell American politician
Clark Hunt American sports executive
Nathan Hecht Texas judge
Albert Black American businessman
Sarah Shahi American actress
Morgan Garrett American stage and voiceover actor
Burt Solomons Lawyer and former Texas state legislator
Amy Acker Film and television actor
Karen Hughes American diplomat
Wick Allison American magazine publisher and author
Clyde Snow American anthropologist
Craig Timberlake American opera singer
Leo Berman American politician
Laura Bush First Lady of the United States; librarian
Kourtney Kardashian Celebutante socialite model businesswoman and television personality
David C. Godbey United States federal judge
Bill Clements Politician
Charlie Mars Singer
David M. Moffett
Jeffrey Skilling American businessman and fraudster
Billy Dewell American football player
Hope Hicks Business Executive
George C. Baker American musician
Aleksandra Miciul Olympic swimmer
Leonard L. Northrup, Jr. American businessman
Teri Steer Athletics (sport) competitor
Bill Keffer Lawyer and Texas state legislator
Jim Chapman politician American politician
A. J. Beck United States Air Force general
Taylor Lipsett American ice sledge hockey player
Ike Altgens American photojournalist witness to JFK assassination
Jon Koncak American basketball player
John Tower Senator from Texas and chairman of the Tower Commission
Aleksander Tammert Athletics (sport) competitor
Floyd E. Bloom American medical researcher
Lon Tinkle American historian
Keith Connor British athlete
Angela Braly Entrepreneur
Frank Ticheli American composer
Louie Kelcher Player of American football
Dave Wilson (swimmer) American swimmer Olympic gold medalist
Chane't Johnson American actor

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