Pomona College

People from Pomona College


Name Title
Chris Cain American blues and jazz guitarist
Richard Pérez-Peña Journalist
E. Pierce Marshall American businessman
David S. Ward American film director
Rebecca Curtis
Chris Burden American artist
George C. Wolfe American playwright
Will Hutchins American actor
Alex Linder American White Supremicist Leader
Max Brody American musician
Andy Smith (entrepreneur) Business consultant
Tamily Weissman Neurobiology professor
Christina A. Snyder United States federal judge
Viveca Paulin Swedish actor
Hugh S. Gibson American diplomat
Brenda Hillman Poet
David Prescott Barrows Anthropologist
Betty Fussell
Dave Crawford American football coach
R. Stanton Avery inventor
R. Stanton Hales American mathematician and badminton player
Verne Orr Businessman educator Secretary of the Air Force USA
John Urquhart Cameron
Blanche McCrary Boyd Novelist essayist professor
Charles Scripps American publisher
Hugo Benioff American seismologist
Mary Lindenstein Walshok American sociologist
William B. Bader former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
Terry Drinkwater Radio and television news reporter and correspondent
Adela Yarbro Collins Biblical scholar
David G. Freeman American badminton player
Chip Pashayan American politician
John V. Lombardi American university professor university administrator university president university chancellor Latin America historian
Conor Friedersdorf Journalist
Jim Kenagy Mammalogist
Robert Daseler American writer
Gladwyn M. Childs American anthropologist and missionary
Ved Mehta Indian writer
Libbie Schrader American singer-songwriter
Richard G. Taranto United States Circuit Judge
Kimberly J. Mueller American judge
Chen Hansheng Chinese sociologist
David D. Keck American botanist
Leonore Herzenberg American immunologist
Norris Bradbury Director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Leslie A. Wheeler American diplomat
Alan Cranston American politician
Bob Kirkwood American businessman
David Keirsey American psychologist
Judd Legum Journalist

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