Maurice A. Deane School of Law

People from Maurice A. Deane School of Law


Name Title
Jon Bramnick Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Maryanne Trump Barry American lawyer and judge
David Weprin American politician
Charles Kushner Real estate developer and philanthropist
David Paterson Governor of New York
Norm Kent Publisher attorney radio show host writer
Burton Rocks American writer
Navarro Gray Lawyer
Bobby Muller Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Neil David Levin
Tom Stevens Editing
Robert Hiltzik Writer
Mary Matalin Journalist
Steven Haft Film producer
Steve Witkoff Businessperson
Luis R. SepĂșlveda Attorney and politician
Randy Levine American baseball executive
Richard Socarides American lawyer and political consultant
Joe Ferriero American lawyer
Thomas McKevitt American politician
Thomas C. Wales Federal prosecutor and gun control advocate from
Ann-Margaret Carrozza American politician

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