Lycée Henri-IV

People from Lycée Henri-IV


Name Title
Bernard Fixot French Publisher
Alain Finkielkraut French essayist
Christopher Meyer British diplomat
Linda Lê French writer
Jean d'Ormesson Novelist
Maurice Allais French economist; 1988 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
Brigitte Macron Political Wife
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes French Physicist
Jean Prévost French resistance member
Étienne Gilson French historian and philosopher
Emmanuel Macron World Leader
Natalis de Wailly French archivist
Richard Descoings French Official
René Capitant French politician
Pierre Chaumié French Politician
Hugh Algernon Weddell botanist
Robert Fossier French historian
Jean Mistler
Narcisse Leven
Maurice Schumann French politician
Jean Laplanche French writer psychoanalyst and winemaker
Robert Buron French politician
Albert Soboul French historian
Mazarine Pingeot journalist writer teacher
Claude Aveline French writer
Pierre Vidal-Naquet French historian
Casimir Delavigne French poet and dramatist
Adolphe Perraud Catholic cardinal
Charles Frédéric Chassériau French architect
André Rivoire French writer
Louis Chevalier French historian
Jean Clair French journalist
René Dumont French sociologist
Nasreddine Dinet French painter
Alfred de Musset French writer
Pierre Loti French writer
Alfred de Vigny French writer
Alain Minc French businessman political advisor and author
Charles Hermite French Mathematician
Jean Favier French historian
Victor Duruy French historian
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes French painter
Émile Picard French mathematician
André Kahane
Pierre-René Lemas Chief of staff of the French President
Albert Thibaudet French writer
Émile Aillaud Architect
Pierre Restany French art historian and critic
Aimery Blacque-Belair
Paul Beguin-Billecocq

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