La Salle University

People from La Salle University


Name Title
Adam Bagni American sportscaster
Al Cantello American Olympic athlete
Karla Drenner American politician
Celeste Riley Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Seamus McCaffery American judge
George T. Kenney American politician
John Uelses American pole vualter
Christopher Wogan American politician
Carol A. DiBattiste American Government Official
Francis L. Bodine Former member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Raymond O'Brien
Joseph C. Strasser United States Navy admiral
William F. Harrity
Kevin J. Boyle Politician
William F. Keller Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
William Joseph Burns American diplomat
Kate M. Harper American politician
Leonid Rudnytzky Linguist
Bernie Bradley American football player and coach
Brian Fitzpatrick Actor
Joe Del Campo Actor
Jeff Neubauer
William J. Lederer Writer
Charles Fuller American playwright
Derrick Pitts American astronomer
Tom Curley American journalist
Mark Ouimet Canadian ice hockey player
John D. Caputo American philosopher
Michael F. Flynn American writer
Diane Bracalente American field hockey player
Madeleine Dean American politician
James F. Checchio
Michael H. O'Brien American politician
James A. Gross
Jack Conners Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Jack Conners Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Edward Fenlon American politician
Tim Dlugos American writer
Peter Boyle (footballer born 1951) Australian soccer player
Joseph T. Doyle Pennsylvania politician
Michael Driscoll (baseball) American baseball player
Joe Verdeur American swimmer Olympic gold medalist former world record-holder
Armand Cloutier Canadian politician
John McShain American businessman
Elmer Kilroy Pennsylvania Speaker of the House
James Washington Logue American politician
Jillian Mele Journalist
Peter Terpeluk, Jr. American diplomat
Matthew Quick (artist) Australian painter
Kathleen Francis Hartnett

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