Harvard University

People from Harvard University


Name Title
John Slick American musician
Dee Long American politician
Caitlin Cahow Ice hockey player
William E. Davis American football coach and politician
Jonathan Prince American actor
Vic Gatto American football player and coach
Jared Kushner American businessman
Scott Allen Figure skater
Joshua Kushner American businessman
Wang Dan Chinese dissedent
Rob Cohen American film director producer and screenwriter
Hiroshi Mikitani Japanese businessman co-founder and CEO of Rakuten
Lester George German architect
Ambrose Lee Hong Kong politician
Jonathan Cohler American musician
Nathan Wolfe American virologist
Mary Wooldridge Australian politician; Member of the Victoria Legislative Assemblyl; Minister for Mental Health Women's Affairs and Community Services
George Steiner American writer
Frank Blake American businessman and lawyer
Catherine Asaro American science-fiction writer
Martin Jay American academic
Joia Mukherjee American academic
Lilia Aguilar Gil Mexican politician
Linden Blue American aviation executive
Allain Roy Canadian ice hockey goaltender
Andrew Dessler Climate scientist
Robert Brooks Player of American football
Ben Loory American short fiction writer
John Schlimm American author and journalist
Robert Sarvis American politician
Matt Birk Player of American football
Ali Farag Egyptian Squash player
Lindsay Crouse Actress
Robert Caro biographer
Christopher Alexander Architect
Andrew Bujalski American film director
Alison Brown American musician
Jessica Mathews American businessman
Sean Covey author; business executive
David Karger American computer scientist
Amy Handlin Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Jeff Sheng American artist
Adam Kirsch American writer
David Rockefeller American banker and philanthropist
Lou Silver American basketball player
Adrian Piper artist
Massy Tadjedin Iranian-American film producer
Keith L. Brown American diplomat
Christopher A. Sims American time-series statistician and econometrician developer of vector auto-regressive models Bayesian statistician President of the Econometric Society 2011 winner of the Nobel Prize
Alfred Sant Maltese writer editor politician

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