California Institute of Technology

People from California Institute of Technology


Name Title
David L. Lee
Dan Heisman American chess player
Leroy Hood American biologist
Walter Bright Computer Programmer
Robert Woodrow Wilson American astronomer
Bruce Ames American biochemist
Deborah Chung American Materials Scientist
Jessica Mathews American businessman
Howard Berg American scientist
Vernon L. Smith American economist
Christopher Chang American biochemist
John Poindexter retired American naval officer and Department of Defense official
Peter Shor Computer scientist who discovered Shor's algorithm
Carolyn Porco Planetary scientist
Bruce Winstein Physicist
Peter T. Wolczanski American chemist
Vern Poythress American theologian
Robert Barro economist
Horace W. Babcock American astronomer
Schelte J. Bus astronomer
Maurice Anthony Biot Belgian-American physicist
Albert George Wilson American astronomer
Charles R. Alcock Astronomer
Nader Engheta Iranian-American engineer
Frank Oppenheimer American politician
Robert McEliece American mathematician
Alfred Foster Australian judge
William Hayward Pickering Rocket Scientist Born In New Zealand
Allen Knutson Mathematician
David Hogg American politician
Clark Blanchard Millikan American aerospace engineer
Carl J. Meade American astronaut
Leland H. Hartwell Biologist
Hollis B. Chenery American economist
Clyde Wahrhaftig American geologist
John S. Waugh American chemist
France A. Córdova University president
Leo Brewer American scientist
Connie Wang Blogger
William R. Muehlberger American geologist
Alan Lightman Physicist science writer essayist novelist
Charles D. Coryell American chemist
Sabeer Bhatia Entrepreneur
Nelson Horatio Darton American geologist
Les Earnest American computer scientist
Frank Malina American aeronautical engineer and painter
David J. C. MacKay British academic engineer
Lee R. Scherer Aeronautical enginee
John W. Miles
Matthew Meselson American geneticist and molecular biologist

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