Brooklyn Law School

People from Brooklyn Law School


Name Title
Bernard Madoff The former chairman of NASDAQ he pled guilty to perpetrating securities fraud
Sal Albanese American politician
Norm Coleman American politician
Jeffrey Dinowitz American politician
Monique Mehta American activist
David Potts English singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist
Leon Charney He is currently in a wheelchair
Daniel Gutman New York politician and judge
Frank J. Aquila American corporate lawyer
Frank J. Brasco American politician
Hy Zaret American composer
Nicholas Scoppetta American fire commissioner
Christopher Mega American politician and judge
Saul Weprin American politician
Bertram L. Podell American politician
Marvin Kratter
Abraham J. Multer American politician
Morris Michael Edelstein American politician
Jeffrey Feil businessperson
Nicole Dryden All-American college swimmer Canadian international swimmer Olympian
Stuart Subotnick American businessman
I. Leo Glasser American judge
Melvin Block American lawyer
Himan Brown American radio producer
Victor Niederhoffer American statistician businessman and squash player
Herman H. Torborg American politician
Vincent Martin Bonventre
Mark Lane Non-Fiction Author
Matthew T. Abruzzo Judge
Frank D. O'Connor American politician
David Dinkins 106th Mayor of New York City
George Michaels American politician
Norman J. Levy New York politician
Claire R. Kelly United States Judge
Brian Sullivan (news anchor) American television presenter; commodities trader
Gerard Nierenberg Author
Leonard Garment Attorney
Benjamin Stanley Rosenthal American politician
Victor Anfuso American politician
Alexander Lowen American psychotherapist
Leonard Grunstein
Carl Pack New York politician
Bernard Bierman composer
Morton J. Gold U.S. Air Force general
Webster Oliver United States Judge
Susan Kaiser Greenland
Moses M. Weinstein American politician
Richard Raysman American lawyer
Herman Badillo American politician
Morton Povman American politician

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