Boston College Law School

People from Boston College Law School


Name Title
Caitlin Cahow Ice hockey player
David Linsky Member of Massachusetts House of Representatives
William Landay American writer
Scott Brown U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Charles E. Rice AMerican legal scholar
Andrew Augustine Caffrey United States federal judge
Bobby Scott (U.S. politician) American politician
Cameron Kerry American lawyer
Charles D. Ferris American politician
Warren Rudman American politician
Myles Lane American ice hockey player
Allen McCarthy American attorney and politician
Leslie E. Kobayashi Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii
William Francis Pepper
David Sutherland Nelson United States federal judge
Gerald Zerkin lawyer specializing in death penalty defense and civil rights
Bernard Joseph Leddy United States federal judge
Daniel Winslow American politician
Suzanne Nam American journalist
Kevin M. Burke State Cabinet Secretary District Attorney Member of Massachusetts House of Representatives
Christopher Speranzo American politician
Charles Redding Pitt Alabama politician
Alan Kaplinsky Americanlawyer
Robert W. Clifford American judge
Christopher Liwski Rower
Vincent Ragosta American judge
Kenneth O'Donnell
Francis Patrick O'Connor American judge
Mike Capuano American politician
Bill Delahunt American politician
Francis X. Bellotti American politician
Francis Joseph Boyle United States federal judge
Debra Wong Yang American lawyer
Kenneth O'Donnell
Teddy Dunn American actor
George V. Higgins American novelist lawyer journalist professor
Christopher Lawford Actor author activist
Marie St. Fleur State Representative
Javier Ferrer Fernández Puerto Rican politician
Edward P. Kirby
Larry Ruttman American attorney and author
Joe Cavanagh American ice hockey player
Augusto Grace Member of Massachusetts House of Representatives
Paul J. Barbadoro United States federal judge
Stephen W. Webster Vermont politician
Dianne Wilkerson American politician
Michael S. Greco
Warren Tolman American politician
Thomas E. Humphrey American judge
Mark Longietti American politician

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