Within the Rock 26 years old

The Ultimate Predator...Unleashed.

Within the Rock

Space miners sent to stop a moon's collision course with the earth discover a hibernating creature that soon revives and starts slaughtering the mining crew.


Within the Rock Cast

Name Character
Brian Krause He was 27, now 54 years old as Luke Harrison
Bradford Tatum He was 57, now 57 years old as Cody Harrison
Xander Berkeley He was 40, now 67 years old as Ryan
Earl Boen He was 50, now 77 years old as Michael Isaacs
Caroline Barclay as Dr. Dana Shaw
Calvin Levels He was 41, now 68 years old as Banton
Dale Dye He was 51, now 78 years old as General Hurst
Duane Whitaker He was 36, now 63 years old as Potter
Michael Zelniker He was 46, now 73 years old as Archer

Within the Rock Crew

Name Department
Within the Rock poster
Within the Rock (26 years)

The Ultimate Predator...Unleashed.

  • Release day: Saturday, June 08, 1996
  • Runtime: 88 minutes