Wishcraft 21 years old

Be careful what you wish for.


Brett is a high-school outcast who doesn't run with the in crowd, unlike Samantha, the cheerleader he has a desperate crush on. Then one day, he gets a parcel in the mail -- a totem with the power to grant his deepest, darkest desires. Brett wishes for Samantha to love him, and she does, although after a while her affection starts leaning toward obsession. Then murders start occurring in the school, which Brett gradually starts to connect to the totem.


Wishcraft Cast

Name Character
Hamilton Camp He was 67, 70 years old when he died as Chief Bates
A. J. Buckley He was 25, now 47 years old as Howie
Michael Weston He was 28, now 50 years old as Brett Bumpers
Derek Hamilton He was 44, now 65 years old as Rock Singer
Alexandra Holden She was 25, now 47 years old as Samantha Warren
Alexandra Breckenridge She was 20, now 42 years old as Kristie
Austin Pendleton He was 62, now 84 years old as Mr. Turner
Gregory Cooke He was 36, now 58 years old as Detective Jeff Bauer
Joseph Ruskin He was 78, 89 years old when he died as Taxidermist
Sam McMurray He was 50, now 72 years old as Dad Bumpers
Zelda Rubinstein She was 69, 76 years old when she died as Medical Examiner
Gary Bullock He was 61, now 83 years old as Homeless Man
Meat Loaf He was 54, now 76 years old as Detective Sparky Shaw
Chris McKenna He was 2, now 24 years old as Shaun
Sara Downing She was 23, now 45 years old as Desiree
Huntley Ritter He was 25, now 47 years old as Cody
Allyce Beasley She was 48, now 70 years old as Mom Bumpers

Wishcraft Crew

Name Department
Richard Wenk as Director. He was 46 (now 68) years old Directing
Danny Graves as Director. He was 29 (now 50) years old Directing
Larry Katz as Writer. Writing
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Wishcraft (21 years)

Be careful what you wish for.

  • Release day: Wednesday, September 25, 2002
  • Runtime: 102 minutes