Waltz for Monica (Monica Z) 10 years old

Having it all comes at a price

Waltz for Monica

"Monica Z" is a biopic about the Swedish singer and actress Monica Zetterlund focusing on her journey from a job as a telephone operator in a small town in Sweden to stardom in the clubs of New York and Stockholm.


Waltz for Monica Cast

Name Character
Vera Vitali She was 31, now 42 years old as Marika
Sverrir Gudnason He was 35, now 45 years old as Sture Åkerberg
Jörgen Thorsson He was 33, now 44 years old as Tage Danielsson
Kjell Bergqvist He was 60, now 71 years old as Monica's Father
David Hellenius He was 39, now 50 years old as Head of record company
Edda Magnason She was 29, now 39 years old as Monica Zetterlund
Nadja Christiansson as Eva-Lena
Johannes Wanselow He was 31, now 41 years old as Beppe Wolgers
Amelia Fowler as Ella Fitzgerald
Oskar Thunberg He was 37, now 47 years old as Vilgot Sjöman
Cecilia Ljung She was 52, now 63 years old as Monica's mother

Waltz for Monica Crew

Name Department
Eric Kress as Director of Photography. He was 51 (now 62) years old Camera
Per Fly as Director. He was 53 (now 64) years old Directing
Peter Birro as Writer. He was 47 (now 58) years old Writing
Åsa Mossberg as Editor. She was 44 (now 55) years old Editing
Waltz for Monica poster
Waltz for Monica (10 years)

Having it all comes at a price

  • Release day: Friday, September 13, 2013
  • Runtime: 111 minutes