Pale Face (Visage pâle) 36 years old

Pale Face

With an unlikely hero who apparently excels at almost anything, this confused saga of survival in the wilderness and accidental murder starts out hard to believe and stays that way. C.H. (Luc Matte) used to be a star player for the Montreal Canadiens and has turned in his puck and hockey stick for the pursuit of women -- as well as a good game of chess (he is a master at that too). He supports himself by waiting tables and one day takes some time off to go on vacation in the Quebec wilderness, where some local thugs give him a hard time. From that point onward, things get worse after one of the hooligans is accidentally killed.


Pale Face Cast

Name Character
Guy Thauvette He was 41, now 78 years old as Richard
Gilbert Sicotte He was 37, now 74 years old as Jacques, un bum
Louise Richer She was 32, now 69 years old as Diane
Marcel Leboeuf He was 31, now 67 years old as Robert, un bum
Denis Lacroix as Peter

Pale Face Crew

Name Department
Serge Ladouceur as Cinematography. He was 33 (now 70) years old Crew
Claude Gagnon as Director. He was 35 (now 72) years old Directing
Claude Gagnon as Editor. He was 35 (now 72) years old Editing
Claude Gagnon as Producer. He was 35 (now 72) years old Production
Claude Gagnon as Writer. He was 35 (now 72) years old Writing
Pale Face poster
Pale Face (36 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, August 24, 1985
  • Runtime: 101 minutes