Under The Piano 25 years old

An autistic child growing up in the 1940's and 50's with a mother who is bitter because her fear of success has denied to herself a possible career in opera. This anger translates into an over-protectiveness of her mentally ill daughter, even into the child's adulthood. But a loving sister, herself having an arm that is paralyzed, is a bastion against the limitations imposed by the mother and finally helps her sister to live a more full life.


Richard Blackburn
Richard Blackburn

Dr. Banman

Amanda Plummer
Amanda Plummer

Franny Basilio

Deborah Grover
Deborah Grover

Nurse Thompson

Andrew Tarbet
Andrew Tarbet


Dan Lett
Dan Lett

Dr. Harkness

Megan Follows
Megan Follows

Rosetta Basilio

Under The Piano Cast

Name Character
Amanda Plummer She was 39, now 64 years old as Franny Basilio
Richard McMillan He was 45, 65 years old when he died as Dr. Davison
Richard Blackburn He was 78, 69 years old when he died as Dr. Banman
Megan Follows She was 28, now 53 years old as Rosetta Basilio
Deborah Grover as Nurse Thompson
Andrew Tarbet He was 25, now 50 years old as Orderly
Dan Lett He was 37, now 62 years old as Dr. Harkness
Teresa Stratas She was 58, now 83 years old as Regina Basilio
Jackie Richardson She was 49, now 74 years old as Mrs. Syms
Susan Tsagkaris as Leonora

Under The Piano Crew

Name Department
Stephen Barden as Music Editor. Sound
Blair Ferguson as Writer. Writing
Christopher Dedrick as Original Music Composer. He was 49 (62) years old when He died Sound
Anne Tait as Casting. Production
Under The Piano (25 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, October 01, 1996
  • Runtime: 92 minutes