Tryggare kan ingen vara 40 years old

Kaj has come to pick up Berit and the children. The sea, the new apartment and the fine furniture are in Gothenburg. And the job, of course. However, the new life is quite fragile.


Tryggare kan ingen vara Cast

Name Character
Anton Glanzelius He was 9, now 50 years old
Solveig Ternström She was 46, now 86 years old
Robert Sjöblom He was 31, now 72 years old
Gunilla Nyroos She was 38, now 78 years old
Axel Düberg He was 56, 73 years old when he died
Else-Marie Sundin She was 54, now 94 years old
Jonas Uddenmyr He was 36, now 76 years old

Tryggare kan ingen vara Crew

Name Department
Carin Mannheimer as Director. She was 49 (79) years old when She died Directing
Tryggare kan ingen vara poster
Tryggare kan ingen vara (40 years)

  • Release day: Monday, January 09, 1984