Top Cat: The Movie (Don Gato y su pandilla) 12 years old

Top Cat: The Movie

There's a new police chief in the neighbourhood who is disappointed with Officer Dibble's performance. The chief and his army of robots declare war on Top Cat and his gang of feisty felines.


Top Cat: The Movie Cast

Name Character
Jorge Arvizu He was 79, 81 years old when he died as Benito (voice)
Rául Anaya as Don Gato (voice)
Eduardo Garza He was 35, now 48 years old as Panza (voice)
Mario Castañeda Partido as Lucas Buenrostro (voice)

Top Cat: The Movie Crew

Name Department
Kevin Seccia as Writer. Writing
Alberto Mar as Director. Directing
Tim McKeon as Writer. He was 34 (now 47) years old Writing
Top Cat: The Movie poster
Top Cat: The Movie (12 years)

  • Release day: Friday, September 16, 2011
  • Runtime: 90 minutes