The Rizen: Possession 4 years old

The Rizen: Possession

A group of young urban explorers and a private military unit could become the final pieces in a 60-year plan to reopen a door that should have stayed closed. But what they unleashed could almost tear our world apart.


The Rizen: Possession Cast

Name Character
Julian Rhind-Tutt He was 55, now 55 years old as Blast Door Scientist
Sally Phillips She was 53, now 53 years old as The Suited Woman
Adrian Edmondson He was 66, now 66 years old as The Interviewer
Stephen Marcus He was 61, now 61 years old as The Executioner

The Rizen: Possession Crew

Name Department
Matt Mitchell as Writer. He was 66 (now 66) years old Writing
The Rizen: Possession poster
The Rizen: Possession (4 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Runtime: 90 minutes