The New Protocol (Le Nouveau protocole) 15 years old

The New Protocol

A man investigating his son's death learns some horrific truths about the pharmaceutical industry.


The New Protocol Cast

Name Character
Dominique Reymond She was 51, now 66 years old as Louise Verneuil
Clovis Cornillac He was 40, now 56 years old as Raoul Kraft
Stéphane Brizé He was 41, now 56 years old as Gilbert Vasseur
Gilles Cohen He was 44, now 60 years old as William
Marie-Josée Croze She was 38, now 53 years old as Diane
Rycharde Everley as Doctor
Emmanuel Lanzi as Undercover officer
Suzanne Wognin as Hospital employee
Camille Landru-Girardet He was 22, now 37 years old as Rémi
David Clarke He was 99, 95 years old when he died as American Journalist
François Meyer as Employee of the crematorium
Leila Feravet as Press Officer
Philippe Ohrel as Insurance Expert
Ian Turiak as Secretary of Verneuil
Abdel Kader Dahou as Security Officer
Xavier Boulanger He was 46, now 61 years old as The Foreman
Carole Richert She was 40, now 56 years old as Francks Mother
Oumar Diaoure as Undercover officer
Anne Baudoux as Assistant
Jeannel as Francks Stepfather
Frédéric Bocquet as Employee of the morgue
Daniel Bill as Rudi
Philippe Fléchaire as Presenter
Ysmahane Yaqini as Hostess
Stéphane Hillel He was 52, now 68 years old as Pleynel
Donna Flandrin as Speaker
Eric Vincent as Security Officer

The New Protocol Crew

Name Department
Eric Altmeyer as Producer. Production
Nicolas Altmeyer as Producer. He was 43 (now 58) years old Production
Éric Besnard as Writer. He was 44 (now 59) years old Writing
Thomas Vincent as Writer. He was 44 (285) years old when He died Writing
Thomas Vincent as Director. He was 44 (285) years old when He died Directing
Krishna Levy as Original Music Composer. He was 43 (now 59) years old Sound
Dominique Bouilleret as Cinematography. Crew
Pauline Dairou as Editor. Editing
The New Protocol poster
The New Protocol (15 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, March 19, 2008
  • Runtime: 90 minutes