The Maid In London 4 years old


Inspired by true events, Margo who is a young mother and her best friend Faye are forced to cling to the edge of a knife so they could travel to the United Kingdom. They plan to work there even without a work permit and with only six months visa, time is running out and they may face the risk of deportation.


The Maid In London Cast

Name Character
Andi Eigenmann She was 28, now 32 years old as Margo
Polo Ravales He was 36, now 40 years old as Jason

The Maid In London Crew

Name Department
Vic del Rosario, Jr. as Executive Producer. Production
The Maid In London poster
The Maid In London (4 years)


  • Release day: Wednesday, July 04, 2018
  • Runtime: 140 minutes