The Holy Land of Tyrol (Bergblut) 12 years old

Set in the 1800s when Napoleon’s French ruled Europe, the film follows young Austrian carpenter Franz and his Bavarian wife, Katharina as an unforeseen event forces them to flee from Augsburg, Bavaria for Franz’s family home in Tyrol, Austria. Tyrolian sentiment is rising strongly against Napoleon and trouble is stirring. In no time it sweeps up Franz and his brothers along with the whole town.


The Holy Land of Tyrol Cast

Name Character
Peter Mitterrutzner He was 68, now 80 years old as Gruber Lehrer
Jutta Speidel She was 56, now 68 years old as Waltraud Heimstedt
Hildegard Schmahl She was 70, now 82 years old as Katharina-alt
Verena Buratti She was 45, now 57 years old as Anna Hofer
Gerd Anthoff He was 63, now 76 years old as Dr. Ludwig Heimstedt
Götz Burger He was 63, now 75 years old as Lieutenant Wimmer
Eisi Gulp He was 54, now 67 years old as Erik
Anton Algrang He was 45, now 58 years old as Hermann Egger
Mathieu Carrière He was 59, now 72 years old as Captain
Verena Plangger She was 55, now 67 years old as Elisabeth Egger
Wolfgang Menardi He was 32, now 45 years old as Franz Egger
Martin Maria Abram as Gallus Egger
Inga Birkenfeld She was 32, now 44 years old as Katharina Heimstedt Egger

The Holy Land of Tyrol Crew

Name Department
The Holy Land of Tyrol poster
The Holy Land of Tyrol (12 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, July 01, 2010
  • Runtime: 123 minutes