The Gold Bracelet 15 years old

The Gold Bracelet

When tragedy strikes on 9/11, Arjun Singh (Kavi Raz) and his family -- devout Sikhs who emigrated from India to the suburbs of Los Angeles -- suddenly find themselves as targets of prejudice and discrimination. Trying to distance themselves from terrorists, they explain to once-friendly neighbors how their Sikh culture is nothing like Muslim extremism, but their words largely fall on deaf and suspicious ears. Archana Puran Singh co-stars.


The Gold Bracelet Cast

Name Character
Joseph Whipp He was 66, now 82 years old
Ellen Geer She was 66, now 82 years old as Miss Hanson
Angela Little She was 35, now 51 years old as Raina
Archana Puran Singh She was 45, now 61 years old as Baljit Singh
Ari Barak as Mirza Khan
Ezra Buzzington He was 50, now 66 years old as Murderer
A.J. Khan She was 30, now 46 years old as Dancer (as Anju McIntyre)
Kavi Raz He was 55, now 70 years old as Arjun Singh

The Gold Bracelet Crew

Name Department
Kavi Raz as Director. He was 55 (now 70) years old Directing
Kavi Raz as Producer. He was 55 (now 70) years old Production
Kavi Raz as Writer. He was 55 (now 70) years old Writing
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The Gold Bracelet (15 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 2008