The End of Violence 27 years old

Nothing Lasts Forever

The End of Violence

Mike Max is a Hollywood producer who became powerful and rich thanks to brutal and bloody action films. His ignored wife Paige is close to leaving him. Suddenly Mike is kidnapped by two bandits, but escapes and hides out with his Mexican gardener's family for a while. At the same time, surveillance expert Ray Bering is looking for what happens in the city, but it is not clear what he wants. The police investigation for Max's disappearance is led by detective Doc Block, who falls in love with actress Cat who is playing in ongoing Max's production.


The End of Violence Cast

Name Character
Loren Dean He was 28, now 54 years old
Bill Pullman He was 43, now 70 years old as Mike Max
Rosalind Chao She was 39, now 66 years old as Claire
Gabriel Byrne He was 47, now 74 years old as Ray Bering
Udo Kier He was 52, now 79 years old as Zoltan Kovacs
Marshall Bell He was 54, now 81 years old as Sheriff Call
Andie MacDowell She was 39, now 66 years old as Page
Henry Silva He was 68, now 95 years old as Juan Emilio
K. Todd Freeman He was 32, now 59 years old as Six O One
Frederic Forrest He was 60, now 87 years old as Ranger MacDermot
Traci Lind She was 29, now 56 years old as Cat
Soledad St. Hilaire She was 46, now 73 years old as Anita
Daniel Benzali He was 47, now 74 years old as Brice Phelps
Chris Douridas He was 34, now 61 years old as Technician
Pruitt Taylor Vince He was 37, now 64 years old as Frank Cray
O-Lan Jones She was 47, now 74 years old as Barmaid
Nicole Ari Parker She was 26, now 53 years old as Ade
John Diehl He was 47, now 74 years old as Lowell Lewis
Samuel Fuller He was 85, 85 years old when he died as Louis Bering
Sam Phillips He was 74, 80 years old when he died as Singer

The End of Violence Crew

Name Department
Pascal Rabaud as Cinematography. Crew
Nicholas Klein as Story. Writing
Nicholas Klein as Writer. Writing
Wim Wenders as Director. He was 52 (now 78) years old Directing
Wim Wenders as Story. He was 52 (now 78) years old Writing
Peter Przygodda as Editor. He was 55 (69) years old when He died Editing
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The End of Violence (27 years)

Nothing Lasts Forever

  • Release day: Sunday, May 11, 1997
  • Runtime: 122 minutes
  • Budget: 5000000.00