The Confession (Bekännelsen) 22 years old

A couple from Estonia visits a town in Sweden. One of the locals visits them a few times until one night things get out of hand after a few drinks. From then on we see how the police investigates a double murder and what complexions arise during this investigation.


The Confession Cast

Name Character
Michael Nyqvist He was 40, 56 years old when he died as Thorn
Magnus Krepper He was 33, now 56 years old as Thomas
Jonas Karlsson He was 29, now 52 years old as Sigge
Johanna Sällström She was 26, 32 years old when she died as Nina
Ralph Carlsson He was 48, now 71 years old as Olof
Göran Ragnerstam He was 43, now 65 years old as Bergman
Carina Boberg She was 48, now 71 years old
Bergljót Arnadóttir He was 51, now 73 years old as Prästen
Bergljót Arnadóttir He was 51, now 73 years old as The priest

The Confession Crew

Name Department
Olof Johnson as Director of Photography. Camera
Daniel Lind Lagerlöf as Director. He was 31 (42) years old when He died Directing
Anders Nylander as Editor. Editing
Ulf Ryberg as Writer. He was 53 (now 76) years old Writing
The Confession (22 years)

  • Release day: Monday, January 01, 2001
  • Runtime: 174 minutes