The Blackmailers (Chantaje a un torero) 61 years old

A girl has two suitors: a famous bullfighter who is in love and rejecting a pawn. His relationship with the bullfighter is hampered by the harassment to which he submits. After suffering a serious catch, the bullfighter lifesaving through the locket she gave him.


The Blackmailers Cast

Name Character
Luis Dávila He was 35, 71 years old when he died as Don Andrés, el sacerdote
Alberto de Mendoza He was 39, 88 years old when he died as Vergara 'El Americano'
Manolo Morán He was 57, 61 years old when he died as Don Fulgencio, apoderado de Juan
Venancio Muro He was 34, 47 years old when he died as El Tinta
María Andersen as Wilma, turista alemana
Elena Duque as Marta, novia de Juan
El Cordobés He was 26, now 88 years old as Juan Medina

The Blackmailers Crew

Name Department
Rafael Gil as Director. He was 49 (73) years old when He died Directing
The Blackmailers poster
The Blackmailers (61 years)

  • Release day: Friday, June 14, 1963
  • Runtime: 105 minutes