The Accidental Husband 14 years old

Forget Mr. Right, start looking for Mr. Wrong.

The Accidental Husband

Emma, a radio host, is about to be married to Richard, her perfect match. But right before her wedding, she learns she's already married to Patrick, a charming but irresponsible fireman. Furthermore, Patrick has a secret: he has arranged this little trick because Emma advised Patrick's ex-fiancée to end their relationship. However, Patrick may find that the trick is on him, for he soon begins to fall in love with his uptight adversary.


The Accidental Husband Cast

Name Character
Uma Thurman She was 39, now 52 years old as Dr. Emma Lloyd
Lindsay Sloane She was 32, now 45 years old as Marcy
Sam Shepard He was 65, 73 years old when he died as Wilder Lloyd
Colin Firth He was 48, now 62 years old as Richard Bratton
Brooke Adams She was 60, now 74 years old as Carolyn
Justina Machado She was 36, now 50 years old as Sofia
Jeffrey Dean Morgan He was 43, now 56 years old as Patrick Sullivan
Michael Mosley He was 30, now 44 years old as Declin
Isabella Rossellini She was 57, now 70 years old as Greta Bollenbecker
Keir Dullea He was 73, now 86 years old as Mr. Bollenbecker
Sarita Choudhury She was 43, now 56 years old as Sunny
Nick Sandow He was 43, now 56 years old as Larry
Lindsey Kraft She was 26, now 40 years old as Lauren
Jeffrey Tedmori He was 16, now 29 years old as Ajay
Ajay Naidu He was 37, now 50 years old as Deep
Yolande Bavan She was 67, now 80 years old as Naniji

The Accidental Husband Crew

Name Department
Andrea Guerra as Music. He was 47 (now 61) years old Sound
Mark Ricker as Production Design. He was 40 (now 54) years old Art
Mimi Hare as Author. Writing
Clare Naylor as Author. Writing
Griffin Dunne as Director. He was 54 (now 67) years old Directing
Bonnie Sikowitz as Author. Writing
William Rexer as Cinematography. He was 44 (now 59) years old Crew
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The Accidental Husband (14 years)

Forget Mr. Right, start looking for Mr. Wrong.

  • Release day: Friday, February 29, 2008
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Revenue: 22707064.00