The 24 Hour War 6 years old

The 24 Hour War

In the early 1960s, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari went to war on the battlefield of Le Mans. This epic battle saw drivers lose their lives, family dynasties nearly collapse, and the development of a new car that changed racing.


The 24 Hour War Cast

Name Character
Ralph Nader He was 82, now 89 years old as Himself
Mario Andretti He was 76, now 83 years old as Himself
David Hobbs He was 77, now 84 years old as Himself

The 24 Hour War Crew

Name Department
Adam Carolla as Director. He was 52 (now 59) years old Directing
Simon Sandquist as Editor. Editing
The 24 Hour War poster
The 24 Hour War (6 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, November 20, 2016
  • Runtime: 99 minutes