Terrorists 20 years old

"Terrorists" is a comedy about life in post-9/11 America: Curtis Gorfurter, small-town police chief, unhappy with his lowly status and eager to prove himself in the War Against Terror, interprets a series of unrelated events as proof of an impending terrorist attack. When a graduate student of Mideastern descent arrives in town to authenticate the world's largest stool, he unwittingly becomes the police chief's prime terrorist suspect. In creating this climate of fear, the chief acquires the power and the perks he's always dreamed of. And when he raises the town's alert level from brick to tangerine, panic ensues and common sense takes a holiday.


Terrorists Cast

Name Character
Jason Mantzoukas He was 31, now 51 years old as John Stevens
Rob Riggle He was 33, now 53 years old as Badger
Ian Roberts He was 38, now 58 years old as Curtis Gorfurter
Jessica St. Clair She was 27, now 47 years old as Jennifer Castle

Terrorists Crew

Name Department
Jay Martel as Director. Directing
Jay Martel as Writer. Writing
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Terrorists (20 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, January 01, 2004
  • Runtime: 72 minutes
  • Budget: 80.00