Terminal Invasion 20 years old

Terminal Invasion

Aliens in human disguise commandeer a rural airport during a snowstorm. To survive, the people trapped inside must determine which of their own is not of this Earth.


Terminal Invasion Cast

Name Character
Bruce Campbell He was 43, now 64 years old as Jack
Marcia Bennett as Gloria
Sarah Lafleur She was 21, now 43 years old as Sarah Philips
Stephen Joffe He was 10, now 31 years old as Stephen
Hannah Lochner She was 8, now 29 years old as Hannah
Jason Jones He was 28, now 49 years old as Sgt. Griffin
Chase Masterson She was 38, now 60 years old as Cathy Garrett
Andrew Tarbet He was 31, now 52 years old as Andrew Philips
C. David Johnson He was 46, now 67 years old as David Higgins

Terminal Invasion Crew

Name Department
Terminal Invasion poster
Terminal Invasion (20 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, September 14, 2002
  • Runtime: 90 minutes