Rehearsals for War (Teatro di guerra) 24 years old

Rehearsals for War

A group of actors meet with little money in a unofficial theatre in Naples' Spanish Boroughs. Director's plan is to travel to Sarajevo, still under siege, to stage a classic Eschilus' play about civil war in Tebe. While they rehearse in the theatre cast members come and go and another kind of war goes on every day in nearby streets of old Naples.


Rehearsals for War Cast

Name Character
Toni Servillo He was 39, now 64 years old as Franco Turco
Iaia Forte She was 36, now 60 years old as Luisella Cielo
Nina Di Majo She was 22, now 47 years old as Giornalista
Anna Bonaiuto She was 48, now 73 years old as Sara Cataldi
Roberto De Francesco He was 34, now 58 years old as Diego
Lidija Kozlovič She was 59, 70 years old when she died as Librarian (Lidia Koslovich)
Salvatore Cantalupo He was 38, 59 years old when he died as Rosario
Andrea Renzi He was 35, now 59 years old as Leo
Marco Baliani He was 48, now 72 years old as Vittorio
Ciro Baldini as Padre di Adriano
Giovanna Giuliani She was 24, now 49 years old as Giovanna
Lucia Ragni She was 47, 65 years old when she died as Costumista
Vincenzo Saggese as Vincenzo
Maurizio Bizzi as Maurizio
Simona Bonaiuto as Giulia
Angelo Montella as Raffaele
Beniamino Femiano as Varriale
Francesca Cutolo as Francesca
Peppe Lanzetta He was 42, now 66 years old as Silvano
Adriano Casale as Adriano
Sergio Rispoli as Mauriello
Tina Femiano She was 55, now 80 years old as Sarta
Alba Clemente She was 1, now 23 years old as Alba
Sergio Tramonti He was 52, now 77 years old as Riccardo Donati
Luciana Zazzera as Moglie di Silvano
Lucia Vitrone as Lucia
Antonello Cossia as Antonello
Tatà Donnabella as Capo redattore

Rehearsals for War Crew

Name Department
Jacopo Quadri as Editor. He was 33 (now 58) years old Editing
Mario Martone as Director. He was 38 (now 63) years old Directing
Mario Martone as Screenplay. He was 38 (now 63) years old Writing
Pasquale Mari as Director of Photography. He was 39 (now 64) years old Camera
Ortensia De Francesco as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Giancarlo Muselli as Scenic Artist. Crew
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Rehearsals for War (24 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, April 29, 1998
  • Runtime: 113 minutes