Starcrossed 6 years old

Kat and Ben, both locked in affairs, desire more from life. They bump into each other on the street and are immediately drawn to each other. Quickly sharing intimate details about their lives, whilst keeping their true selves harbored at bay. During the course of theirs drinks a married couple happens upon them, the married couple are their lovers. Now they must decide how to handle the rest of their night...


Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts

Rommel Lazarus

Ben Reed
Ben Reed

Anthony Bishop

Grant Harvey
Grant Harvey

Ben Rawlins

Kristin Carey
Kristin Carey

Lucy Bishop

All Cast

Name Character
Mischa Barton She was 28, now 35 years old as Kat
Eric Roberts He was 58, now 65 years old as Rommel Lazarus
Ben Reed He was 49, now 56 years old as Anthony Bishop
Kristin Carey She was 44, now 51 years old as Lucy Bishop
Grant Harvey He was 48, now 55 years old as Ben Rawlins


Name Department
Starcrossed (6 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, September 28, 2014
  • Runtime: 88 minutes