Solomon 26 years old


David, now an old man, is still king of Israel. Among his sons, the ambitious Adonijah and the clever Solomon. The two young men are fierce rivals, since both are prospective heirs to the throne and only one can be successful.


Solomon Cast

Name Character
Vivica A. Fox She was 35, now 59 years old as Regina di Saba
Max von Sydow He was 71, 90 years old when he died as Davide
Stefania Rocca She was 29, now 53 years old as Anna
Maria Grazia Cucinotta She was 31, now 55 years old as Abisag
Ben Cross He was 52, now 76 years old as Salomone
Anouk Aimée She was 68, now 92 years old as Betsabea
Umberto Orsini He was 66, now 90 years old as Natan

Solomon Crew

Name Department
Solomon poster
Solomon (26 years)

  • Release day: Monday, December 15, 1997
  • Runtime: 180 minutes