Snipers Valley (Mörderischer Frieden) 13 years old

Young Bundeswehr soldiers Tom and Charly are stationed in Kosovo with the KFOR peacekeeping force. Their mission is to secure peace. Although the brutal war between the enemy Serbs and Albanians is officially over, the hatred between people continues to smoulder. When Tom and Charly rescue the young Serbian Mirjana from the fatal shot of the young sniper Durcan, they get caught between all fronts. They lose their professional distance due to the resulting closeness to Mirjana - who has to learn that her father was a war criminal - but also to Durcan - whose entire family was wiped out. Soon they are entangled in a conflict about guilt, manipulation, love and revenge...


Max Riemelt
Max Riemelt


Maximilian von Pufendorf
Maximilian von Pufendorf

Hauptmann Carsten Benedikt

Susanne Bormann
Susanne Bormann


Peter Bongartz
Peter Bongartz

Dr. Goran Jorovic

All Cast

Name Character
Susanne Bormann She was 28, now 41 years old as Mirjana
Cornelia Köndgen She was 49, now 63 years old as Olga Jovovic
Peter Bongartz He was 65, now 78 years old as Dr. Goran Jorovic
Maximilian von Pufendorf He was 31, now 45 years old as Hauptmann Carsten Benedikt
Adrian Topol He was 26, now 40 years old as Tom
Max Riemelt He was 23, now 37 years old as Charly
Anatole Taubman He was 36, now 50 years old as Enver
Miraj Grbić He was 31, now 44 years old as Nazim


Name Department
Michael Köning as Set Designer. Art
Norbert Herzner as Editor. He was 7 (now 21) years old Editing
Rudolf Schweiger as Director. He was 44 (now 58) years old Directing
Rudolf Schweiger as Screenplay. He was 44 (now 58) years old Writing
Michael Röhrig as Producer. He was 55 (now 69) years old Production
Jan Lüthje as Screenplay. Writing
Gerald Schank as Director of Photography. Camera
Robert Papst as Music. He was 46 (now 60) years old Sound
Hugo Siegmeth as Music. He was 37 (now 50) years old Sound
Snipers Valley poster
Snipers Valley (13 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, November 10, 2007
  • Runtime: 91 minutes