Simon Konianski 13 years old

Simon, 35, has returned to live temporarily with his father. They make life unbearable for each other. To add spice to this situation, Uncle Maurice and Aunt Mala, Ernest's brother and sister, meddle in everything and, notably, try to find a "nice little Jewish girl" for Simon to marry. When Ernest passes away, Simon fulfils his father's last request: bury him in the village where he was born, in the depths of Ukraine. And so Simon finds himself caught up in an event-packed road movie in the company of his paranoid old uncle, his aunt who nags him endlessly about his "Goy dancer", his six-years-old son, his father's body and his ghost, and also a rabbit. Not to mention his ex who hassles him by phone. The journey will be nothing like a cruise down the Nile!


Simon Konianski Cast

Name Character
Jonathan Zaccaï He was 39, now 52 years old as Simon
Popeck He was 73, now 86 years old as Ernest
Jean Lescot He was 71, 76 years old when he died as Rabbi Berger
Denyse Schwab as Mme Hirschfeld
Lise De Henau as Sonia
Stefan Liberski He was 58, now 71 years old as Samy Rebenski
Lise Roy She was 56, now 69 years old as Docteur Lalonde
David Bass He was 19, now 32 years old as Tevie
Nassim Ben Abdeloumen as Hadrien
Abraham Leber as Maurice
Gustavo Miranda as Karl
Ivan Fox as Jorge
Nassim Ben Abdelmoumen as Hadrien / Schmuli
Irène Herz as Mala
Marta Domingo She was 74, now 87 years old as Corazon

Simon Konianski Crew

Name Department
Micha Wald as Director. He was 35 (now 48) years old Directing
Micha Wald as Writer. He was 35 (now 48) years old Writing
Simon Konianski poster
Simon Konianski (13 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, July 29, 2009
  • Runtime: 100 minutes