Sharpe's Company 29 years old

Sharpe's Company

Spain 1812 The Duke of Wellington plans to lay siege to Badajoz. A murderous figure from Sharpe's past uses a beautiful woman revenge himself on Sharpe, now the father of her child. Sharpe has reason to be happy, he holds his daughter for the first time and is given command of the Light Company again, together with his captaincy. But will his happiness be short lived?


Sharpe's Company Cast

Name Character
Sean Bean He was 35, now 64 years old as Sharpe
Pete Postlethwaite He was 48, 64 years old when he died as Hakeswill
Clive Francis He was 47, now 77 years old as Windham
Michael Mears as Cooper
Michael Byrne He was 50, now 80 years old as Nairn
Assumpta Serna She was 36, now 66 years old as Teresa
Daragh O'Malley He was 40, now 69 years old as Harper
Hugh Fraser He was 43, 43 years old when he died as Wellington
Jason Salkey He was 32, now 61 years old as Harris
Nicholas Jones He was 48, now 77 years old as Fletcher
John Tams He was 45, now 75 years old as Hagman

Sharpe's Company Crew

Name Department
Bernard Cornwell as Novel. He was 50 (now 80) years old Writing
Tom Clegg as Director. He was 59 (81) years old when He died Directing
Charles Wood as Writer. He was 23 (1) years old when He died Writing
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Sharpe's Company (29 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, May 25, 1994
  • Runtime: 100 minutes