Sexy Cat 51 years old

A movie crew shooting a film featuring a comic-strip hero named The Sexy Cat finds itself stalked by a serial killer who begins murdering the cast and crew.


Sexy Cat Cast

Name Character
Germán Cobos He was 45, 87 years old when he died as Mike Cash
Dyanik Zurakowska She was 26, now 77 years old as Martha
Lone Fleming She was 27, now 78 years old as Liz
Mariano Vidal Molina He was 47, 70 years old when he died as Lieutenant Cole
Beni Deus He was 53, 69 years old when he died
Fabián Conde
Monika Kolpek as Velda
Gloria Osuna
Antonio Orengo
Tomás Torres
María Villa as Sugar
Emilio Laguna He was 43, now 94 years old

Sexy Cat Crew

Name Department
Carmelo A. Bernaola as Original Music Composer. Sound
Julio Pérez Tabernero as Director. Directing
Julio Pérez Tabernero as Writer. Writing
Sexy Cat poster
Sexy Cat (51 years)

  • Release day: Monday, May 21, 1973
  • Runtime: 87 minutes