Saxofonhallicken 37 years old


Saxophone-pimp is a meditation on urban hotel as youth. Here, at the city hotel in the small town, we find the entire gallery of: the young lion dance, the drunk lady and the happy party. New for the evening is Vera, a divorced mother in her prime. Dance band saxophonist follows the awkward attempts at contact between Vera and a drummer, and decides to help her along. He plays the classic "Petite Fleur". Again and again and again .....


Saxofonhallicken Cast

Name Character
Gustav Kling He was 40, now 78 years old as The bartender
Björn Granath He was 40, 70 years old when he died as The traveling salesman
Allan Svensson He was 35, now 73 years old as Börje
Lottie Ejebrant She was 42, now 79 years old as Sivan
Kim Anderzon She was 43, 71 years old when she died as Lisbeth
Lena T. Hansson She was 31, now 68 years old as The unlucky woman
Gunvor Pontén She was 57, now 95 years old as The porter
Lars-Erik Berenett He was 44, now 81 years old as Kalor
Gino Samil He was 47, now 85 years old as Janek
Margreth Weivers She was 60, now 97 years old as The waitress
Mona Seilitz She was 43, 65 years old when she died as Ann
Eva Gröndahl She was 38, now 75 years old as Vera
Lennart R. Svensson He was 34, now 71 years old as Kenneth
Lars Hansson He was 41, now 79 years old as Svampen

Saxofonhallicken Crew

Name Department
Lars Molin as Director. He was 44 (56) years old when He died Directing
Lars Molin as Writer. He was 44 (56) years old when He died Writing
Gunnar Källström as Cinematography. He was 43 (now 80) years old Crew
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Saxofonhallicken (37 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 02, 1987
  • Runtime: 55 minutes