Salem Witch Trials 21 years old

The charges were false. The terror was real.

Salem Witch Trials

Salem, Massachusetts. A small town—with no clear governing body—became embroiled in a scandal that forever stands as one of the darkest chapters in American history. For those accused of witchcraft by their neighbors and friends, there was little chance of clearing their names; the mass paranoia that ravaged through the community took the lives of 19 innocent men and women.


Salem Witch Trials Cast

Name Character
Gloria Reuben She was 37, now 59 years old as Tituba Indian
Henry Czerny He was 42, now 65 years old as Samuel Parris
Zachary Bennett He was 21, now 44 years old as Joseph Putnam
Jay O. Sanders He was 48, now 70 years old as Thomas Putnam
Rebecca De Mornay She was 42, now 64 years old as Elizabeth Parris
David Hemblen He was 2, now 24 years old as John Proctor
Shirley MacLaine She was 67, now 89 years old as Rebecca Nurse
Alan Bates He was 67, 69 years old when he died as Sir William Phips
Kirstie Alley She was 50, now 73 years old as Ann Putnam
Kristin Booth She was 27, now 49 years old as Lizzy Porter
Susan Coyne She was 43, now 65 years old as Sarah Good
Peter Ustinov He was 80, 82 years old when he died as William Stroughton
Katie Boland She was 13, now 36 years old as Annie Putnam
Nadia Litz She was 25, now 47 years old as May Walcott
Colin Fox He was 63, now 85 years old as Israel Porter
Shannon Lawson She was 28, now 50 years old as Bridget Bishop

Salem Witch Trials Crew

Name Department
Pierre Gill as Director of Photography. He was 38 (now 60) years old Camera
Debra Karen as Editor. Editing
Tina Gerussi as Casting. Production
Maria Nation as Writer. Writing
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Salem Witch Trials (21 years)

The charges were false. The terror was real.

  • Release day: Tuesday, December 24, 2002
  • Runtime: 240 minutes