Round Ireland with a Fridge 14 years old

The movie tells the story of a disillusioned television personality whose career has stalled and who is looking for answers but doesn't know the questions. When his best friend taunts him for losing his sense of adventure Tony accepts a drunken £100 bet and sets off with his unconventional traveling companion for an adventure that proved to be entertaining, educational, challenging and at times downright silly.


Round Ireland with a Fridge Cast

Name Character
David Sterne He was 64, now 78 years old as Mac
Susan Paterno as Karen
Josie Lawrence She was 50, now 65 years old as Sandra
Billy Boyle He was 64, now 79 years old as Donal
Tony Rohr He was 69, now 83 years old as Willy
Jay Simpson He was 21, now 35 years old as London Cabbie
Ed Byrne He was 37, now 52 years old as Dylan Daley
Sara Crowe She was 43, now 58 years old as Nicola
Valerie O'Connor She was 29, now 43 years old as Roisin
Sean Hughes He was 44, 51 years old when he died as Brendan
Tony Hawks He was 49, now 64 years old as Tony

Round Ireland with a Fridge Crew

Name Department
Ed Bye as Director. He was 55 (now 69) years old Directing
Round Ireland with a Fridge poster
Round Ireland with a Fridge (14 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 01, 2010