Remember Me, My Love (Ricordati di me) 21 years old

Some loves are never forgotten

Remember Me, My Love

The story of a normal Italian family in which come out the dreams of those who have lost their possibilities and of those who want to realize them. Carlo and Giulia are a married couple who have each given up their aspirations in order to live an average life. Their 19-year-old son, Paolo, is having trouble finding an identity, while their 18-year-old daughter, Valentina, has already figured out how to use sex to her advantage. The family goes through a crisis when Carlo begins having an affair, Giulia attempt to seduce the director of a local stage production she is in, and Valentina does what she does best to land an audition for a TV show


Remember Me, My Love Cast

Name Character
Monica Bellucci She was 38, now 59 years old as Alessia
Amanda Sandrelli She was 38, now 59 years old as Louise
Fabrizio Bentivoglio He was 46, now 67 years old as Carlo Ristuccia
Giulia Michelini She was 17, now 38 years old as Ilaria
Laura Morante She was 46, now 67 years old as Giulia Ristuccia
Gabriele Lavia He was 60, now 81 years old as Alfredo
Andrea Roncato He was 55, now 77 years old as Luigi
Nicoletta Romanoff She was 23, now 44 years old as Valentina Ristuccia
Silvio Muccino He was 20, now 42 years old as Paolo Ristuccia
Stefano Santospago He was 49, now 70 years old as André
Pietro Taricone He was 28, 35 years old when he died as Paolo Tucci
Maria Chiara Augenti She was 20, now 41 years old as Anna Pezzi
Alberto Gimignani He was 41, now 62 years old as Riccardo
Enrico Silvestrin He was 30, now 51 years old as Stefano Manni
Massimo Molea He was 40, now 61 years old as Ex calciatore
Silvia Cohen She was 43, now 65 years old as Elena

Remember Me, My Love Crew

Name Department
Gabriele Muccino as Director. He was 35 (now 56) years old Directing
Gabriele Muccino as Writer. He was 35 (now 56) years old Writing
Remember Me, My Love poster
Remember Me, My Love (21 years)

Some loves are never forgotten

  • Release day: Tuesday, February 11, 2003
  • Runtime: 125 minutes