Ps Sista Sommaren 36 years old

Matte and Kranken are best buddies. When they want to go on a cycling holiday in Gotland Matte decides to bring his new girlfriend Lisa with him, despite Krankens objections. Lisa turns out to be much more attractive than Kranken imagined and soon the problems begin to loom over the horizon.


Ps Sista Sommaren Cast

Name Character
Patrick Stenman He was 18, now 54 years old as Matte
Örjan Ramberg He was 39, now 76 years old as Kranken's Father
Peder Falk He was 40, now 76 years old as Paul
Pia Green She was 40, now 77 years old as Matte's Mother
Lena Nilsson She was 26, now 62 years old as Lisa
Mona Seilitz She was 45, 65 years old when she died as Philippa
Göran Stangertz He was 43, 68 years old when he died as Bertil
Robert Jelinek He was 18, now 54 years old as Kranken

Ps Sista Sommaren Crew

Name Department
Mischa Gavrjusjov as Cinematography. He was 37 (now 74) years old Crew
Susanne Linnman as Editor. She was 50 (now 86) years old Editing
Thomas Samuelsson as Director. He was 41 (now 78) years old Directing
Thomas Samuelsson as Writer. He was 41 (now 78) years old Writing
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Ps Sista Sommaren (36 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 22, 1988
  • Runtime: 91 minutes