Paraíso Perdido 28 years old

Cristina is twenty years old. Her father was declared missing in action during the war in Angola many years before. One day in church the girl meets a man about fifty years old who tries various times, unsuccessfully, to make the sign of the cross. The man is called Cristovão. A few days later the two meet again. The man offers to help her look for her father. A relationship based on memories and confessions is formed between them. But soon they each return to their own solitude.


Paraíso Perdido Cast

Name Character
Maria de Medeiros She was 29, now 57 years old as Cristina Pratas
Manuela de Freitas She was 54, now 82 years old as Inês
Marcello Urgeghe as Nuno
Francisco Costa He was 30, now 58 years old as Caldeira
Rui Mendes as Cristovão
José Manuel Mendes as Antunes
Carlos Coelho was 34, 39 years old when died as André
Catarina Avelar She was 55, now 84 years old as Retornada
Alexandre de Sousa as (uncredited)

Paraíso Perdido Crew

Name Department
António da Cunha Telles as Producer. He was 59 (now 87) years old Production
Paraíso Perdido (28 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1995
  • Runtime: 90 minutes