Papillon 6 years old

The greatest escape adventure ever told


Henri “Papillon” Charrière, a safecracker from the Parisian underworld, is wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Guiana, where he forges a strong friendship with Louis Dega, a counterfeiter who needs his protection.


Papillon Cast

Name Character
Tommy Flanagan He was 88, 71 years old when he died as Masked Breton
Rami Malek He was 37, now 43 years old as Louis Dega
Christopher Fairbank He was 64, now 70 years old as Jean Castili
Demetri Goritsas He was 47, now 52 years old as Jean-Pierre Castelnau
Michael Socha He was 30, now 36 years old as Julot
Yorick van Wageningen He was 54, now 60 years old as Warden Barrot
Eve Hewson She was 26, now 32 years old as Nennete
Roland Møller He was 46, now 51 years old as Celier
Joel Basman He was 28, now 34 years old as Maturette
Dragan Mićanović He was 47, now 53 years old as Doctor Guibert
Charlie Hunnam He was 38, now 44 years old as Henri 'Papillon' Charrière
Louisa Pili as Clara
Goran Navojec He was 47, now 53 years old as Smuggler
Reshad Strik He was 37, now 42 years old as Prison Guard #4
Veronica Quilligan She was 61, now 68 years old as Mother Superior
Luka Peroš He was 40, now 47 years old as Santini
Nenad Heraković He was 33, now 40 years old as Mouton

Papillon Crew

Name Department
Terence Chang as Executive Producer. He was 69 (now 75) years old Production
John Axelrad as Editor. Editing
Tom Meyer as Production Design. He was 95 (96) years old when He died Art
Kevan Van Thompson as Executive Producer. Production
Hagen Bogdanski as Director of Photography. He was 53 (now 59) years old Camera
Ram Bergman as Producer. He was 48 (now 54) years old Production
Joshua Maurer as Executive Producer. He was 21 (now 27) years old Production
Michael Noer as Director. He was 49 (now 55) years old Directing
David Buckley as Original Music Composer. He was 42 (now 48) years old Sound
David Koplan as Producer. Production
Henri Charrière as Book. He was 110 (66) years old when He died Writing
Aaron Guzikowski as Screenplay. He was 43 (now 50) years old Writing
Roger Corbi as Producer. Production
Joey McFarland as Producer. He was 45 (now 52) years old Production
Bojana Nikitović as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Novica Jankov as Sound Mixer. Sound
Papillon poster
Papillon (6 years)

The greatest escape adventure ever told

  • Release day: Thursday, September 07, 2017
  • Runtime: 134 minutes
  • Revenue: 10060903.00