One Man's Justice 27 years old

Revenge is everything.

One Man's Justice

When a man's wife and family are murdered, he plots revenge only to find out that the killer is under Federal protection and he must exact his own form of justice.


One Man's Justice Cast

Name Character
Jeff Kober He was 42, now 70 years old as Marcus
Bruce Payne He was 38, now 66 years old as Agent Karl Savak
Neal McDonough He was 30, now 58 years old as Agent Ward
Brian Bosworth He was 31, now 59 years old as Sgt. John North
Robert Kotecki as Agent Klark
James Harper He was 15, now 43 years old as Senior FBI Official
MC Hammer He was 34, now 62 years old as Dexter Kane

One Man's Justice Crew

Name Department
Kurt Wimmer as Director. He was 32 (now 60) years old Directing
One Man's Justice poster
One Man's Justice (27 years)

Revenge is everything.

  • Release day: Friday, July 26, 1996
  • Runtime: 100 minutes